Elizabeth Greenaway has contributed pieces to TheBlaze, one of the top political websites in the United States.

The Resurgent

Elizabeth Greenaway’s writing is featured on The Resurgent, one of her favorite Christian conservative blogs.

Todd Huff Radio

Todd Huff Radio was the first conservative website to have The Petite Patriot as a guest blog.

Republican Gifts for Conservatives on Your List

There’s only one week left until Christmas and you have a conservative on your list that you just can’t figure out. Maybe you’re a liberal or politically apathetic and clueless about what conservatives want, or maybe you’re just a conservative who’s just out of ideas. Regardless, you want to get the conservative on your list…

An Open Letter to College Republicans

As the election 2016 madness continues on campus, I felt the need to write an open letter to all of you, as a fellow conservative millennial, to remind you of a few things and provide some inspiration.