Gender “Equality”: Pro-Trans v. Pro-Women Athletics

I’ve been envisioning this day for a while – the moment the Left would support two views that conflict with one another and have to somehow make a case for both. Will you be pro-trans? Or pro-women? Are you going to turn your back on female athletes for the sake of all-inclusiveness for transgender individuals?…

“No More Bullshit”

I watched in disbelief. Not in disbelief that the protests occurred – that has been months in the making. But in disbelief that individuals were forcefully pushing their way through law enforcement, breaking windows and trashing the most recognized symbol of democratic government in the world; and doing so in the name of “conservatism” and…

My Freedom vs. COVID-19: Should I Cancel Thanksgiving?

Freedom – a value we hold in high regard as conservatives. We believe to our core that America is a better place when we empower individuals to make decisions for themselves and cut back government control. It’s part of who we are – the “independent spirit” that Dr. Anthony Fauci recently referenced. It’s clear that…

How Does GOP Gain Seats, But Lose the Presidency?

One of the frequently cited reasons for suspecting election fraud is the fact that the GOP picked up seats in both the House and Senate, but lost the presidency. The thought is – if the GOP won in such an unexpected, but big way in Congress, how could that possibly not translate to the presidency?…

Counting Votes in Pennsylvania (Just the Facts)

Truthful, fact-based information is so important – and can be so hard to find in a time when social media gives everyone a microphone, and media comes with its own share of bias. Last year, I covered the Pennsylvania 2016 election results for The Resurgent (if you’re unfamiliar with the political landscape in our state,…

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