Republican Gifts for Conservatives on Your List

Feeling lost about what to get that conservative on your gift list? Maybe you’re a liberal or politically apathetic and clueless about what conservatives want, or maybe you’re just a conservative who’s just out of ideas. Regardless, you want to get the conservative on your list a gift he or she will appreciate. I’ve got you covered. Here are a few Republican gifts that any conservative, young or old, would appreciate – whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or just for fun.

Republican Elephant-Shaped Mug  republican gifts frankoma gop mug

My dad got me one of these mugs for Christmas one year and I absolutely love it. These awesome, unique, elephant-shaped mugs are the perfect gift for a coffee or tea drinker on your list. Frankoma Pottery began making the Republican elephant mugs in 1968. Every four years they make an elephant mug with the year and the names on the Republican presidential ticket. Sure, you can always find great mugs and travel mugs, but I’ve never seen another quite like this. If you’re searching for a unique republican gift, try to find one of these mugs. The special edition Trump Pence mug is available on Frankoma’s website. Looking for an older year? You can almost always find them on eBay.

“Let me tell you about Jasper…”Republican gifts let me tell you about Jasper

Dana Perino served as the first female Republican press secretary during George W. Bush’s presidency. Now, she’s a part of The Five on Fox News and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of “And the Good News Is…” (another great Republican gift). Her most recent book is about her dog, Jasper, who has become known as “America’s Dog.” This book is at the top of the Republican gifts list for an animal lover. Filled with great stories about life and politics, it shows how dogs can transcend partisanship and bring people together. It’s a feel-good book, with pictures of Jasper Photoshopped into everywhere, and everything – and that never gets old.

George H. W. Bush Socksrepublican gifts george h w bush socks

The 41st President of the United States is known for wearing funky socks. He’s been captured wearing everything from funky patterns to the stars and stripes. He may be over 90 years old, but George H. W. Bush’s sock fashion is strong. If you know someone who appreciates vibrant socks, you can share this president’s sense of style by purchasing a limited-edition pair of George H.W. Bush socks from the Republican Party. Featuring bright stripes, embroidered Republican elephant and signed by the president, a pair of these socks is sure to make a memorable gift.

Future Female Leaders Stickersrepublican gifts ffl stickers

I first encountered Future Female Leaders (FFL) while I was serving as an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention. I feel like I spent hours at their stand. They have a ton of great merchandise for young conservatives, but it’s their stickers that are the most addicting. Choose from a variety of quotes and designs, or, better yet, get one of each. They can be used to decorate laptops, notebooks, agendas, etc. Need a little something to add to your Republican gifts? Or perhaps a stocking stuffer? Quotes include everything from “Party like it’s 1776” to a sketched picture of the Capitol building with “This is why we can’t have nice things.” These stickers are sure to make the Republicans on your list smile. Check out their conservative attire, too!

Rowdy Gentleman’s One for the GOPer Bundlerepublican gifts rowdy gentleman

Looking for Republican gifts for guys? Rowdy Gentleman has you covered. Create your own bundle – perhaps a blue vintage Reagan Bush ’84 t-shirt, paired with patriotic shades and a USA beer sleeve? This is the perfect place to shop for the Republican guys on your list. Don’t need to create a bundle? Browse the Rowdy Gentleman website for even more American prints on shirts, sweartshirts, and more!


The Conservative Political Action Conference is like Disney World for conservative Republicans. It lasts a few days filled with all the conservative speakers, workshops and vendors you can dream of. It’s held every year in early spring in Washington, D.C. Obviously not everyone can make the trip, or afford the pricey hotel, but if you live in the area and have a young conservative on your gift list, you can purchase a student pass for under $100. It’s an experience they’ll never forget!

Whether you choose a CPAC getaway, a conservative book, or another piece of Republican attire, these Republican gifts are sure to make the conservative on your list smile. Looking for a little something extra to give them? Introduce them to The Petite Patriot on Facebook – that snarky conservative writing is sure to make them smile.

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